The raw materials of Bellégance are supplied and authorized by French cosmetic suppliers. With the French raw materials, TYS. International Co., Ltd. technologically collaborates with Australia to produce a series of mineral-based cosmetic products and to design the most fashionable package for the products to satisfy female customers’ desire for natural, healthy, trendy and beautiful life.

Worrying that paraben, heavy metals and chemical sunscreen agents in cosmetic products can be detrimental to human health, TYS. International Co., Ltd., dedicated in protecting the right of customers, has submitted all the foundation products (because they have the greatest surface contact with the human body) for SGS inspection to ensure that these products are safe and harmless.

Bellégance mineral cosmetics products are breathable! They provide a physical sun protection and block dirty air from contacting the skin. It is definitely the best choice for modern women pursuing beauty without risks, and that is also the ultimate mission of TYS. International Co., Ltd. Natural mineral powder; zero risk from being beautiful

Bellégance Brand Story

Belléganceis a French word meaning chic, elegant, smart, and beautiful women. We translate the word Bellégance into 倍麗亙斯, which sounds like multiplying your beauty and staying beautiful forever. This is a beautiful brand that wonderfully interprets the pursuit of perfection by modern women.

The ingredients of Bellégance are natural mineral powder imported from Germany, France, USA, and Australia. Bellégance technologically collaborates with Australia to create a series of "breathable," and "natural and risk free" makeup products that not only make women more beautiful, but also protect their skin from dirty air or direct sun exposure (containing physical sunscreen agents).

Bellégance mineral makeup products are what women have been looking for:
Natural, Health, Fashion, Beauty, Glamour

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